Delhi Ophthalmological Society holds 68th annual conference

Soosan Jacob

Posted: Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Course Instructors  at the lamellar keratoplasty masterclass (DOSCON-2017): Dr. Namrata Sharma, Dr. Lim Li, Dr. Soosan Jacob, Dr. Rishi Swarup,  Dr. Muralidhar R (Left to right)

Course Instructors at the lamellar keratoplasty masterclass (DOSCON-2017): Dr. Namrata Sharma, Dr. Lim Li, Dr. Soosan Jacob, Dr. Rishi Swarup, Dr. Muralidhar R (Left to right)

Delhi Ophthalmological Society (DOS), the largest state ophthalmological society of India recently held its 68th Annual Conference – DOSCON 2017: Ophthalmic SPECTRUM at the Hotel Ashok Convention Centre, New Delhi. More than 4000 delegates were registered for the three-day conference.
Conference highlights included free paper sessions, electronic posters and videos presentations, ophthalmic photography presentations, five named orations, select instruction courses in ophthalmic academics and practice management, symposia sessions in all ophthalmic subspecialities, research methodology, hospital setup & OT sterilization, chaired by eminent ophthalmologists across the country, special symposia sessions with National Societies and the DOSCON Quiz.
There were two semi-plenary sessions with the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) on Complex Cataract and Ectasias. These sessions were lead by the President of DOS, Dr Rishi Mohan, organizing secretary Prof M. Vanathi, ESCRS president Prof David Spalton, Dr Richard Packard, Prof Jesper Hjordtal, Dr Roberto Belluci, Dr Mor Dickman, Prof Chee Soon Phaik and Ass Prof Dr Lim Li.
There were also presentations on PDEK from Dr Soosan Jacob, DALK from Dr. Rishi Swarup, subluxated lenses from Dr Minu Mathen, phaco complications from Dr Arup Chakraborti, 3D Heads up VR surgery from Prof Atul Kumar and DMEK from Dr Samar Basak and Dr Rajesh Fogla.
The conference also heard discussions on premium IOLs from Dr Milind Pande, speciality deliberations from Dr Cyrus Shroff, SMILE from Dr Sriganesh, Eye Banking Essentials from Prof Radhika Tandon, OCT in Glaucoma from Prof Tanuj Dada and improving glaucoma surgery outcomes from Prof Vinay Gupta. Other speakers included Dr Franz Grehn, Prof Ramesh Ayyala, Dr Kaweh Mansouri,Dr Atul Bansal , Dr Abhay Vasavada, Dr Noshir Shroff, Dr Jagat Ram, Prof J S Titiyal, Dr A K Grover, Prof Ramanjit Sihota, Prof S K Khokhar, Dr M S Ravindra, Prof Namrata Sharma and Dr Venkatesh Prajna.
The Young Ophthalmologists Session, DOS-IJO Research Methodology Session and the NABH session were also well attended.
Life time achievement awards were conferred upon Dr A K Gupta and Dr J C Das for their outstanding academic contributions in ophthalmology to the society . The Dr S N Mitter Oration was delivered by Prof V P Gupta who discussed his experience in the principles and techniques of lid reconstruction.
Dr Mahipal Sachdev delivered the Dr P K Jain Oration on Femtomagic; Dr Milind Pande delivered the Dr Omprakash Oration on Using Functional Vision Measures with Presbyopia Correcting IOLs to achieve full range of spectacle free vision; Prof Atul Kumar delivered the Dr Harimohan Oration on High Myopia related Retinal Pathologies: Imaging & Outcomes; Dr Harbansh Lal delivered the Dr B N Khanna Oration on Pearls & Practice of TORIC IOL.
The A C Agarwal Trophy for the Best Free Paper was jointly awarded to Dr Raghav Ravani and Dr Sumit Monga for their work on Intraoperative OCT assisted vitreoretinal surgery with fovea sparing internal limiting membrane peeling for myopic traction maculopathy: our experience and Spectacle prescription in children: understanding prevalent practice trends of DOS members respectively.

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